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The Grass is Greener on the Other Side Do you want your lawn to be as green as possible? Summertime make people care for their lawns above all other seasons. As you consider how to have a more beautiful lawn, you must understand what needs to be done. You might see how green and healthy some lawns are around your neighborhood as you drive past them. The nutrients their lawns have been receiving make a huge difference.
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The best care you give your lawn will produce the green you expect it to give. You need to take care that your lawn is mowed properly, aerated liberally, and watered sufficiently of you want to see a much greener lawn.
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You might have asked why your lawn is not as green as you think it should be. One reason why is because of traffic. How much traffic your lawn is subjected to directly affects how it looks. People walking around your lawn have a strong tendency to disturb the distribution of air to your lawn. If this is the case, oxygen may not reach the grass, and will suffer. How to solve this is by aerating your lawn. Try to observe if there are flattened surfaces on your lawn where the ground is more dense and compact. If you see this, then surely your lawn need aeration. Best results in aerating your lawn is achieved during springtime or fall. Keep in mind that summer is never the time to aerate your lawn. Sometimes it is because your lawn doesn’t receive the amount of sunlight it needs, because of surrounding trees. Shadows block sunlight and prevents your lawn to produce its bright green color. Cut off the branches that hang over your lawn and cast their shadows on the grass. Keep your lawn as green as possible also by taking care that there is no build-up of thatch and debris on it. It is important to rake the lawn regularly and keep thatch not more than half an inch long. Raking help the soil to absorb more air. This allows also for nutrients to be distributed to the soil. Right timing is important in mowing your lawn for it to be greener. Use the following measurements as a guide. 1 inch for coarse grass, 1/2 inch for fine grass. Cutting it too short or too long will have bad effects on the grass. Understanding that watering your lawn correctly is a key to having a greener look cannot be stressed enough. Early in the morning is the best time to water your lawn. This ensures that the water will be absorbed by the soil instead of be evaporated by the heat of the sun. It is important to make sure that all areas are watered equally. Lawn care will definitely reward you with a greener and better looking yard.