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The Purpose And Use Functions Of WordPress Plugins Plugins are basically software components that have different functions which can be integrated into WordPress website. They can include some other features to your WordPress site or expand functionality. Written in PHP programming language, WordPress plugins blend smoothly with WordPress. They help users to simplify the process of adding new features to their page even if they don’t know how to code. Believe it or not, there are thousands of plugins that may be downloaded free of charge right at the official directory of WordPress. Site administrators may easily install or uninstall this plug-ins right from the administration area. They can download it and install manually via FTP client at the same time. Most of the plugins for WordPress are free and for that reason, it is vital to take into mind that they do not include technical support. This is basically the main reason on why it is extremely important to apply caution when deciding which one to install. While there are lots of plug-ins that can do almost anything, some of course have better quality compared to others. In order for you to know which one is best, you have to ask yourself some questions similar to when was the last time it was updated, does it work with latest version of WordPress, do people get answers whenever they ask about support questions, what is its rating and so on. There are some people saying that installing plugins will just slow down your page, which is nothing but a misconception as this happens only if you’re using low quality plug-ins.
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There is wide range of WordPress plugins you can download free of charge from WordPress but the thing is, there are premium or paid plugins available at the same time and there are many convincing reasons to opt for such. Even if the plugin directory is offering countless of plugins that can be downloaded free of charge, still you must know that premium plugins are more beneficial as it has staff and developers that are providing full time support and ensure that security is well maintained and the plugins to be installed are compatible with the newest versions and several other themes and plugins too.
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The plugins normally work with the core of WordPress and several other plug-ins but there are times that the code might block the way of other plugins leading to incompatibility. With regards to paid plug-ins, there is a support staff that is providing assistance whenever something goes wrong. Remember anything you think of that can help in improving your site, rest assure that there’s always a WordPress plugin built for that specific purpose.